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What I Do


Full original Soundtracks for your Game, TV Show, Movie or Advertising.

Sound Effects

Top notch sound effects for your Game, TV Show, Movie or Advertising.


Adaptive Audio for your Game - both music and sound effects - using Fmod.

Music demos and beta testing for audio companies products.


Audio Consulting for Indie Devs and beginner composers.


What Clients Say

"Early on I was able to determine Fabri was incredibly creative and laser focused. He is able to quickly design a layout demo and then deliver a beautiful composition in the end... I could not recommend his work enough."
Jessy "Darinius"
DragonClaw Studios - USA
"Fabri has the incredible talent to convert the mood and humor of your game into musical notes"
Fireslime Studio - Brazil
""Fabri created a wonderful soundscape that elevates our VR experience to another level.""
Dmitri Vedev
Cosmic VR Experience
"Fabri cares deeply about his work and is capable of understanding things not just from the perspective of a musician but from the perspective of what the game needs and is frank and honest about what the game requires in terms of music"
Andrew Kerr
IS Games & Tech


About This Human Being

There are two things that I have loved unconditionally during my life: Music and VideoGames.

From the noisy arcades in my childhood to the tournaments at friends house during my teenage years, my memories are filled with sounds and joy. 

So knowing that my work helps my Dev partners to create experiences like these is what motivates me the most. 

I’m composer and sound designer specialized in audio for games. This means that I’m prepared to compose the right soundtrack, using the right tools, whether it’s a simple loop or an adaptive audio piece.

Well, and If what you want is so specific that I’m not prepared to do it, I will find out how. I’m a nerd.

I also have a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing, and my experience in this area has given me a different perspective on how to approach and deliver a proper creation.

But perhaps the most important thing you should know is: I love playing videogames. A LOT.

And there’s no way to understand what gamers want without being one.


Let's Work Together

If you like what you see – and hear – do not hesitate to reach me right now. Let’s talk about your project and work together to bring your ideas to life.